Evil Tarot Cards?: Setting The Record Straight

As you might expect, Tarot Readers get a lot of questions about the Tarot and it’s uses. I am in no way an exception. Often times, as soon as I tell someone I am a Professional Tarot Reader, I get bombarded with all sorts of questions. One of the most common questions I get as Tarot Reader is some form of “Are Tarot Cards Evil/Satanist/Anti-Christian?”. This article will tackle 3 different myths about the Tarot that lead people to believe such things.

Evil TarotEvil Tarot Myth #1: Tarot Cards Have Evil Origins

Many people seem to think that Tarot cards were created by some sort of malevolent force or occult group. In reality, the Tarot originated as a card game for the wealthy in Europe during the 1400s. No demons or evil forces had a hand in their creation. The Tarot was not given metaphysical significance until the late 18th century, over 4 centuries after it’s creation. While the Tarot was researched and used by occult societies such as the Golden Dawn, it wasn’t created by them.

It is also worth pointing out that since the Tarot did not come into existence until the 1400s, the Bible makes no statements about the Tarot in its text.

Evil Tarot Myth #2: “Bad” Cards In The Tarot Make It Evil

Evil TarotMost of the time, if you ask someone why they believe the Tarot to be evil, they will point to cards such as “The Devil” or “Death” as their sole explanation. Many people believe that since the cards do contain some negative images, the cards are automatically evil or dangerous to use.

Evil TarotLet’s clear up one big assumption first: the images depicted in the Tarot are not literal. Drawing the Death card does not mean you will die anytime soon. Drawing The Devil does not mean you will be visited by a devil or demon. These cards represents themes that can apply to anyone’s life. Death symbolizes transition and change, and The Devil represents bondage and over-indulgence.

Since the Tarot is a metaphorical reflection of life, it must contain some negative images. Life is not easy, and we all face trials and challenges. Having negative cards in the Tarot allows it to reflect these challenges and periods in our lives. Without these cards, the Tarot could not work.

Evil Tarot Myth #3: The Tarot is used or powered by evil forces.

I recall one incident where I gave a close friend of mine a pack of Tarot cards to take back home with them after the school year was over. Less than two weeks later, the cards were returned to me by mail. When I asked my friend what the problem was he told me that his parents had seen the cards, labeled them “Devil Cards” and demanded they be thrown away. My friend was kind enough to secretly return the cards to me rather than toss them out.

A huge misconception amongst many people, particularly those who are members of more conservative Evil Tarotreligions, is the idea that almost any form of divination, or anything “magical”, involves some kind of contact or collaboration the Devil or some other evil force or entity. As you can see in the picture to the right, Tarot Cards are listed as a part of “Satan’s Spiritual Structure”, along with Astrology, Harry Potter, and Vegetarianism (?).

There are many theories about how the Tarot actually works, and each reader you ask will likely give you a slightly different answer. However, no ethical Tarot Reader would ever tell someone they used the cards to communicate with the Devil. In fact, it is virtually agreed upon in the Tarot community that Tarot Cards aren’t a good medium to communicate with any kind of sentient entity. I have never come across a reader who uses the cards to contact the dead, or any other kind of being. I believe the Tarot works as a focus for natural intuitive abilities that all people naturally possess.


1. Come up with some other false assumptions you have heard about the Tarot or other divination tools. How have you responded to these assumptions in the past?

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