The Magician – Tarot Card Meaning

The Magician Tarot MeaningPower

Whenever the Magician appears in a reading, you can be sure that there is a lot of energy around whatever he is representing. The Magician shows that what it signifies in the reading holds a lot of power of sway over the seeker in the reading. For example, if The Magician appears in a position representing the seeker’s father, it may show that the father has a lot of power or control over the seeker or their situation. The Magician can also show that the seeker has power in the area that this card falls. If the card appears in the “Future” position of a reading, the seeker may have a lot of power in future events of their situation. If in a negative position, this card can show someone who abuses their power.


The Magician often appears when it is time to take action. He is a sure sign that it’s time to set your plans into motion and start DOING rather than just THINKING. Whatever position The Magician falls in shows where action needs to be taken. If he falls in a position related to relationships, you know it’s time for the seeker to take action and charge in that area of their life. The Magician can be thought of as a “green light” in a reading. When he appears, it’s time to hit the gas pedal in life and move forward. In a negative position, The Magician can show that too much action is being taken, or the seeker is at risk of moving too fast.


In the card itself, we see the Magician with a Wand, Cup, Sword, and Pentacle. Each of these items represent the four suits of the Tarot, and the four elements of the world – Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. This simple but powerful symbolism shows us that the seeker has the immediate resources they need in whatever position this card falls in. If The Magician appears in a “Hope and Wishes” category, the seeker may be wishing for the resources they need to carry out their actions. If this card appears in a “Future” position, the seeker will have the resources they need in the future to do what they need. If in a negative position, the seeker or person represented by the position may be misusing the resources they have.

Learn the Tarot Story with “Backwards” Readings

Tarot StoryMany expert Tarot readers will tell you that the secret to giving a good Tarot Reading is finding the ” Tarot Story ” in your reading. In other words, whenever you look down at your spread of cards, you should see a sequence of events with a beginning, middle, and end. You should be able to see where the situation started, how it is right now, and how it will likely turn out in the next few months. Despite this being such a crucial part of giving a good Tarot reading, many Tarot students struggle with the Tarot Story and how to find it. You can know all the meanings to all the cards, but if you don’t know how to connect them and apply them to someone’s life, you aren’t going to be able to give a good reading. How does one learn to find the Tarot Story in their readings?

 “Backwards” Tarot Readings

I developed my own method of teaching this skill called “Backwards” Tarot Reading. In a normal Tarot reading, we start with a question about that is unknown (Who would be a good person for me? What will happen at my job over the next 6 months) and then draw cards in order to divine information about the situation or the future. My teaching method “reverses” the Tarot process. In “Backwards” Tarot Reading, we start with an event that has already ended in our lives, then pick cards from the Tarot deck that we think represent the sequence of events. This process helps Tarot Students bring the abstract energies of the Tarot down to the physical world by connecting them to an event in their lifetime. This practice will aid in finding the Tarot Story within future readings.

The “Backwards” Tarot Reading Method

  1. Pick a Major event from your life. This could be a new job, a new relationship, an ending relationship, a marriage, etc.
  2. Sketch out a basic sequence of events that led up to the main event. If your event is a new job, your outline could be:
    1. Finding the opportunity for the new job
    2. Applying for the new job
    3. Interviewing for the new job
    4. Getting the Job
  3. Think about and reflect on each entry in the outline. Think about what you know about the Tarot and the meanings of the individual cards. If you need help with basic Tarot Meanings, I recommend Joan Bunning’s website as a good starting place.
  4. Pick a card for each entry in the outline that you feel accurately describes that event. For example, if your entry is about the birth of a child, you may pick a Page. If it’s about a wedding, you may pick the Four of Wands. If it’s taking a risk, you may pick The Fool.
  5. Arrange the cards in order in front of you. Look at them and see how they connect and tell the story of the event that you picked in the first step.

 An Example of a “Tarot Story” using the “Backwards” Reading Method

To demonstrate this method, I have done a “Backwards” Tarot Reading for international superstar Lady Gaga, and her rise to fame.

Arguably the biggest Pop Star on the planet, Lady Gaga’s career has exploded since her arrival on the scene in 2008. This Tarot Story chronicles her rise to fame, her immense success, her sudden hip injury, and her subsequent recovery.



Gaga Tarot StoryBefore The Fame: Eight of Pentacles. Lady Gaga didn’t rise to fame overnight.  Her solo career started way back in 2005 when she was still known by her birth name, Stefani Germanotta. For three years, Gaga worked the underground club circuit of New York before breaking through to the mainstream with her first hit single “Just Dance”. I selected the Eight of Pentacles to represent this period of Lady Gaga’s life. In the Eight of Pentacles, we see a man diligently working on a Pentacle, and by the looks of the scene, he’s been working quite a while. This card represents hard work and applying yourself in order to reach a goal, two things that were very prevalent in Gaga’s life in her pre-fame days.

The Rise To Fame: Wheel of Fortune. After her first hit singles “Just Dance” and “Poker Face”, Lady Gaga rose through the ranks of pop stars at a rapid speed. Her debut album, The Fame, remained on top the Billboard Dance/Electronic albums chart for 106 non-consecutive weeks, and has sold over 12 million copies to date. Her debut album spawned five more Top-10 singles and a critically and commercially successful re-release of her debut album called The Fame Monster. The Wheel of Fortune represents changing events in a person’s life, usually for the better. This card accurately captures Lady Gaga’s rapid rise to fame as an important “turning point” in her life.

Continued Success and Acclaim: Six of Wands. Gaga’s second worldwide concert tour, The Monster Ball, was a commercial success, grossing over 227 million dollars. Her next album, Born This Way, sold over 1 million copies in its first week, and spawned four more top-10 singles, including the song Born This Way, which remained number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 6 weeks. By this time in her career, Gaga had been nominated for 20 Grammys, and had won 5 of them. This period of her career was marked by astounding commercial and critical success. The Six of Wands is a card of victory and acclaim. We see a man riding through the streets as onlookers cheer him on. This card perfectly describes Gaga’s success at this time in her life.

Hip-Injury: The Tower. In the middle of her next hit tour, The Born This Way Ball, Gaga suffered a labral tear in her right hip, and was forced to cancel the remaining dates of the tour. The injury came as a great surprise to her fanbase and it forced Gaga to take things slow for a while, moving her out of the public eye for over a year as she recovered. The card I have selected for this period in Gaga’s life is the Tower, a card of sudden events and endings. This card captures the sudden changes that Gaga went through during this period of her life and how they disrupted her schedule and plans.

Recovery: Four of Swords. After her injury, Gaga was forced to move out of the public eye to focus on her recovery. This period, often called the “blackout” by her fans, lasted from the cancellation of her tour in early 2012 to the beginning of her next album campaign, ARTPOP, in late 2013. The card I selected to represent this period is the Four of Swords. The Four of Swords shows a man in meditation, possibly sleeping. This card represents taking a break from the action, and focusing on the internal rather than external. This card captures the non-action and healing focused “blackout” that Lady Gaga took perfectly.

As you can see, creating a Tarot Story isn’t so hard once you learn to connect the Tarot to events in your life. Try this method with events from your own life, and see how your readings improve!

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The Fool – Tarot Card Meaning

Welcome to my very first post in my series of Tarot Card Meanings! Every two weeks, I will be posting a new article detailing my personal interpretations of each of the 78 cards of the Tarot. These meanings are guidance-focused, and are the ones I use in my Professional Tarot Practice. I will be starting with the very first card of the Tarot, The Fool!

The FoolPrincipal: Raw Potential

Astrological Equivalent: Uranus

Your Heart’s Desire

Wherever the Fool appears in a reading is the area of life in which you need to follow your heart’s true desires. No dream or goal is too big for The Fool! Take the first steps towards your goal when The Fool appears, no matter how big the challenge seems to be or how risky the chances you are taking are. This is a time to move forward, not stand still.

Positive Outlook

In the place where The Fool appears is also where you should keep a positive outlook on life. Don’t let insecurities, fears, or the scars of old experiences bring you down. Focus on the positive and what you have control over in your life. Re-frame negative events as learning experiences. Keep your head held high and towards the light of the Sun!

An Open Mind

Another aspect of The Fool is keeping an open mind. You should aim to stay open minded in whatever area of the spread that The Fool appears in. His appearance will often show a new idea that goes against what is considered “normal”. You need to stay open-minded and creative about the way you approach things. Your mind also needs to be open to taking risks when the Fool appears; they are often necessary.

Live in the Moment

The final major aspect of The Fool card is living in the moment. The Fool isn’t concerned with the past or future; he is focused on the present, and so should you in whatever area of the reading this card turns up in. Don’t worry about the future or the details right now; the important thing is that you begin moving forward. Go with the flow, and don’t resist changes that come into your life.

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Psychic Tools: A Divination Toolkit

Psychic ToolsEver wondered how your psychic adviser uses psychic tools gets their information? A lot of people like to dismiss all psychics as all the same. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth! There is a wide variety of different methods of divining information from the Universal Unconsciousness using psychic tools. To give you an idea of just how many different psychic tools are out there, I’ve compiled a list of the most popular methods of divination in Western Culture. Many psychics use a combination of these psychic tools, but choose to specialize in one special area. Ask your psychic what tools they use during your next session and show them how much you know.

Natural Ability

Intuition: Virtually every kind of Metaphysical Adviser on the planet uses their intuition as a psychic tool to some extent. Intuition happens whenever you just know something out of nowhere or get a “feeling” inside of you. There is no rational explanation for it; it just happens. Many Psychic Advisers hone this skill extensively and give it specialized names, like clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy etc. These all run back to the same root: knowing information without anyone telling you. Are you capable of this? Of course! Everyone has intuitive ability; it’s just a matter of developing it. Many people find psychic tools, like the Tarot, useful when developing their abilities. These psychic tools aren’t magical on their own; they serve as a conduit for our true intuition and allow us to open up to the intuitive part of our minds. Many advisers use psychic tools extensively in their work to get clearer and more reliable readings.

Cartomancy: Using Cards As Psychic ToolsPsychic Tools - Tarot

Tarot Cards: As most of you already know, the Tarot is a deck of 78 cards that was developed as a card game for the wealthy in the 15th century. It eventually took on occult significance, and became one of many new psychic tools. It consists of four suits of 14 cards each, and an additional 22 “trump” cards. The cards have developed and changed over the years, image-wise, but the structure has stayed mostly the same. Most decks are interpreted based on their images, which are generally pretty similar from deck to deck. Various theme decks, from monsters to myths, exist, making it easy to find a deck that suits your taste. Cards are laid out according to a “spread’ which assigns each card a particular meaning, like “past”, “future”, “desires”, “goals” and so on. The reader combines the meaning of the card with the meaning of the position in the spread to produce a “reading”. Tarot Cards are very popular in the Western World, and most psychics either use them or have some knowledge of them.

Lenormand Cards: Based on the oracle deck by Mille. Lenormand, these cards are quickly becoming more popular in the Western World as psychic tools. The Lenormand deck is based on the Piquet playing card deck, a smaller size version of the basic playing card deck. Each card has an image of a scene, much like the Tarot. Unlike the Tarot, these cards are read as pairs or triplets, and are rarely laid out in a “spread”. More and more readers are begin to offer Lenormand readings in their sessions.

Playing Cards: Yes, even a basic deck of playing cards can be used as psychic tools. These cards are a little more difficult to work with, since there are no images to guide one’s intuition. Aside from this, these cards are read very similar to the Tarot. Each card has a meaning, and the cards are laid out in a spread. Playing card readers are a little more difficult to find.

Oracle Cards: Along with the hundreds of Tarot Decks in print, there are a hundred or so Oracle Decks to go along with them. Oracle decks are divination decks that do not follow any preset system like Tarot or Lenormand. Some of them are closely related to various systems like the Psychic Tarot and the Playing Card Oracle, while others are totally original. Many have specialized themes, like fairies, astrology, and even maps! These cards are read just like Tarot. Each card has a meaning, and cards are laid out in a spread.

Astrology: Studying the Sky

Psychic Tools - AstrologyNatal Astrology: Astrology is one of the oldest and most developed psychic tools around. Natal Astrology is the diving of personality traits by examining the positions of the planets and the signs at the exact moment you were born. Using a combination of planets, signs, and houses, an experienced Natal Astrologer can tell you about your personality, your goals, your friends, your work ethic and more.

Predictive Astrology: This isn’t tacky Sun-Sign column Astrology; this is about 50 times more complex and intricate. There are various methods in Astrology for predicting the future based on someone’s birth chart. The most direct method is to examine the patterns that are made by the current planets in the sky with the original birth chart. Most Astrologers also use Progressions, which is a method for “aging” charts, to see how the individual will grow and mature through their life. Other Astrologers use Solar Returns, a method that involves looking where the planets are exactly when the Sun returns to its birth position, and predicting the individuals next year based on their positions.

Relationship Astrology: Astrology can also be used to gain insight into the relationship potential of two people. Most Astrologers use the Synastry method, which involves comparing the two charts and seeing what patterns the planets make with each other. Some Astrologers also use a tool called a composite chart, where the 2 charts are “averaged” together to create a new chart. The new chart is interpreted as a chart for the entire relationship and it’s potentials.

Electional Astrology: Ever wondered what would be the best time to open your business or buy a car? Electional Astrology can answer these questions. By observing the current and future positions of the planets in the sky, an Electional Astrologer can tell you when the best time to do almost anything is. An Electional Astrology will usually use your current location, your birth chart, and the positions of the planets in the present as a guide to give you the best possible time to do something in your life.

Horary Astrology: Did you Astrology is perfectly capable of answering questions? Horary Astrology is an ancient tradition with very specific rules and guidelines that differ from most other branches of Astrology. To get the answer to a question, a Horary Astrologer will create a chart for the exact time a questioned is asked. They will then observe the position of the planets and signs to divine an answer. Mastery of any of the Astrology-based psychic tools takes a lot of study and experience.

Other Tools

Psychic Tools - Message BoardsMessage Boards: Most people think of Ouija boards when they think of message boards, but most psychics use  other kinds of message boards as psychic tools in their work, like the Psychic Circle. A message board is a board that has letters, symbols, and numbers written on it. A Psychic uses the board to divine answers or message from the spirit world. Some boards use a message indicator that slides around on the board, others use a pendulum.

Pendulums: A Pendulum is a piece of string or a chain with some kind of weight attached to it. Most are made of metal or crystal. Pendulums allow a Psychic to tap into their unconscious in order to divine information. By observing the movements of a pendulum, a Psychic can give you yes or no answers, find lost objects and more.

Numerology: Very popular with online do-it-yourself psychic tools due to the ease of communication. Numerology holds that the numbers that make up our birthdays and and the letters in our names have meaning. By examining the numbers in our birth names and birth dates, a numerologist can tell you about your life, your personality, your future and your relationships. The current name you go by also has importance in Numerology.

These are just a small selection of all the possible psychic tools your personal Psychic adviser could be using. There are many more out there, though these are some of the most common. Ask your Psychic which ones they use during your next session. You might be surprised!

Tarot Timing: Make Accurate Predictions With The Tarot

Tarot TimingA question that has longed plagued the Tarot community is whether or not Tarot Timing can really be used to predict the future with enough accuracy to pin down the month, week, or even day of an event. Tarot Timing is a technique that is used to predict when events will happens in the seekers life through the use of timing cards. In this post, I will be looking at 2 different methods for Tarot Timing, and how effective each of them are.

Tarot Timing Method #1: Timing With Suits (Traditional)

An older, more traditional Tarot Timing method is to use the suits in conjunction with their pip number to create a prediction of when an event would happen. In this method, an extra timing card would be added on to a spread. If the card was in the Minor Arcana and not a court card, the “speed” of the suit and the number of the card would be combined to produce a prediction for when the event would occur. The speeds of the suits are:

  • Swords: Days
  • Wands: Weeks
  • Cups: Months
  • Pentacles: Years

So, if the Two of Wands was drawn as the timing card, the event the seeker was asking about would occur in 2 weeks. Tradition varies on what the significance of a Major Arcana card or Court Card means in this position. Some say that any card that isn’t a pip indicates that the event will not happen. Others say that a Major Arcana card means the event will happen “very soon”.

Obviously, this method has some major shortfalls. Having the suit of Pentacles representing Years goes against the modern understanding of Tarot. Modern Tarot belief recognizes that the Tarot has a foresight of, at maximum, one year. The Tarot works by connecting with the current energies surrounding the situation; energies change all the time, and the Tarot cannot always predict how they will change in the course of a month, much less a year or more! Could you imagine a client asking you when they will next get a job and drawing the Ten of Pentacles as their timing card? This system of Tarot Timing is faulty by this point alone. Overall, this system is too determinative for serious Tarot Reading, and is better suited for parlor games and fortune-telling for fun.

Tarot Timing Method #2: Astrological Dignities

This is the method that I prefer to use. This method takes into account the Astrological dignities assigned to the 78 Tarot cards by the Golden Dawn. Each card was assigned either a planet, sign, or element from modern Astrology. Each of these can be traced back to a Sun Sign one way or another. Sun Signs govern periods of time throughout the year. By using these dignities for your timing cards, you can give the seeker a date range of about 1 month in which they can expect the event they are inquiring about to occur. The following is a simplified version of the Golden Dawn’s Astrological Dignities that works really well for Tarot Timing.

Aries Cards (March 21-April 19)

The Emperor, The Tower, Two of Wands, Three of Wands, Four of Wands, Queen of Wands

Taurus Cards (April 20-May 20)

The Hierophant, The Empress*, Five of Pentacles, Six of Pentacles, Seven of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles

Gemini Cards (May 21-June 21)

The Lovers, The Magician*, Eight of Swords, Nine of Swords, Ten of Swords, King of Swords

Cancer Cards (June 22-July 22)

The Chariot, The High Priestess, Two of Cups, Three of Cups, Four of Cups, Queen of Cups

Leo Cards (July 23-August 22)

Strength, The Sun, Five of Wands, Six of Wands, Seven of Wands, Knight of Wands

Virgo Cards (August 23-September 23)

The Hermit, The Magician*, Eight of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles, Ten of Pentacles, King of Pentacles

Libra Cards (September 24-October 23)

Justice, The Empress*, Two of Swords, Three of Swords, Four of Swords, Queen of Swords

Scorpio Cards (October 24-November 21)

Death, Judgement, Five of Cups, Six of Cups, Seven of Cups, Knight of Cups

Sagittarius Cards (November 22-December 21)

Temperance, Wheel of Fortune, Eight of Wands, Nine of Wands, Ten of Wands, King of Wands

Capricorn Cards (December 22-Janruary 19)

The Devil, The World, Two of Pentacles, Three of Pentacles, Four of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles

Aquarius Cards (January 20-February 18)

The Star, The Fool, Five of Swords, Six of Swords, Seven of Swords, Knight of Swords

Pisces Cards (February 19-March 20)

The Moon, The Hanged Man, Eight of Cups, Nine of Cups, Ten of Cups, King of Cups

*The Magician and The Empress are connected with Mercury and Venus, which each rule 2 signs. This is why they are listed here twice.

Elemental Cards

The Aces and Pages of the Tarot Deck have no specific Sun Sign associated with them, and instead represent the entire element of their suit, and thus all three of the Sun Signs in that element. As Tarot Timing cards, they represent all three of the signs time periods.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: Ace of Wands, Page of Wands

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: Ace of Cups, Page of Cups

Libra, Aquarius, Gemini: Ace of Swords, Page of Swords

Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo: Ace of Pentacles, Page of Pentacles

Want to learn more about how Tarot and Astrology work together? Check out these 2 amazing books on the subject: “Tarot and Astrology” and “Tarot Decoded“.


1. Try out Method #1 in your next Tarot reading for yourself. How accurate was the prediction?

2. Do the same for Method #2

3. Go through the deck and take out all the cards that are associated with your personal Sun Sign. Examine the images and try to find how they reflect you and your personality. Do the same for your Moon Sign and Rising Sign, if you know them.

Evil Tarot Cards?: Setting The Record Straight

As you might expect, Tarot Readers get a lot of questions about the Tarot and it’s uses. I am in no way an exception. Often times, as soon as I tell someone I am a Professional Tarot Reader, I get bombarded with all sorts of questions. One of the most common questions I get as Tarot Reader is some form of “Are Tarot Cards Evil/Satanist/Anti-Christian?”. This article will tackle 3 different myths about the Tarot that lead people to believe such things.

Evil TarotEvil Tarot Myth #1: Tarot Cards Have Evil Origins

Many people seem to think that Tarot cards were created by some sort of malevolent force or occult group. In reality, the Tarot originated as a card game for the wealthy in Europe during the 1400s. No demons or evil forces had a hand in their creation. The Tarot was not given metaphysical significance until the late 18th century, over 4 centuries after it’s creation. While the Tarot was researched and used by occult societies such as the Golden Dawn, it wasn’t created by them.

It is also worth pointing out that since the Tarot did not come into existence until the 1400s, the Bible makes no statements about the Tarot in its text.

Evil Tarot Myth #2: “Bad” Cards In The Tarot Make It Evil

Evil TarotMost of the time, if you ask someone why they believe the Tarot to be evil, they will point to cards such as “The Devil” or “Death” as their sole explanation. Many people believe that since the cards do contain some negative images, the cards are automatically evil or dangerous to use.

Evil TarotLet’s clear up one big assumption first: the images depicted in the Tarot are not literal. Drawing the Death card does not mean you will die anytime soon. Drawing The Devil does not mean you will be visited by a devil or demon. These cards represents themes that can apply to anyone’s life. Death symbolizes transition and change, and The Devil represents bondage and over-indulgence.

Since the Tarot is a metaphorical reflection of life, it must contain some negative images. Life is not easy, and we all face trials and challenges. Having negative cards in the Tarot allows it to reflect these challenges and periods in our lives. Without these cards, the Tarot could not work.

Evil Tarot Myth #3: The Tarot is used or powered by evil forces.

I recall one incident where I gave a close friend of mine a pack of Tarot cards to take back home with them after the school year was over. Less than two weeks later, the cards were returned to me by mail. When I asked my friend what the problem was he told me that his parents had seen the cards, labeled them “Devil Cards” and demanded they be thrown away. My friend was kind enough to secretly return the cards to me rather than toss them out.

A huge misconception amongst many people, particularly those who are members of more conservative Evil Tarotreligions, is the idea that almost any form of divination, or anything “magical”, involves some kind of contact or collaboration the Devil or some other evil force or entity. As you can see in the picture to the right, Tarot Cards are listed as a part of “Satan’s Spiritual Structure”, along with Astrology, Harry Potter, and Vegetarianism (?).

There are many theories about how the Tarot actually works, and each reader you ask will likely give you a slightly different answer. However, no ethical Tarot Reader would ever tell someone they used the cards to communicate with the Devil. In fact, it is virtually agreed upon in the Tarot community that Tarot Cards aren’t a good medium to communicate with any kind of sentient entity. I have never come across a reader who uses the cards to contact the dead, or any other kind of being. I believe the Tarot works as a focus for natural intuitive abilities that all people naturally possess.


1. Come up with some other false assumptions you have heard about the Tarot or other divination tools. How have you responded to these assumptions in the past?

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Daily Tarot: Form a Relationship With The Cards

So,you’ve gotten a pack of Tarot Cards. You’ve bought some good Tarot books on card meanings and reading methods. You’ve found some great online resources and communities that revolve around the Tarot.However, you still don’t feel that “connection” to your cards. You know what they all mean and how to “read” them, but something is missing.

Don’t worry; you aren’t the only one with this problem!

Many new Tarot readers, including myself when I was learning, struggle with making that special connection to the cards. Studying is important, without a doubt, but it can only bring you so close to your cards. Suggestions for connecting to your cards range from sleeping with them under your pillow to “interviewing” the cards themselves by asking them questions about themselves. However, out of all the methods I have read, using self-drawn, daily Tarot Readings is the best way to connect to your Tarot Cards.

Daily Tarot readings are short, sweet Tarot readings designed to give you insight into the day you are about to have. The card(s) you pick may represent situations, feelings, or people you will encounter during the day. Daily readings give you real-world experience reading the Tarot and give you a chance to put your knowledge to the test. By having regular readings and contact with your Tarot Cards, you will eventually develop a special, one-on-one connection with them.

Daily Tarot: The Spreads

There are numerous ways to perform daily readings for yourself. In this section, I will go over the 2 most common I see, along with the method I used as a beginner.

The One Card Draw

You can’t go wrong with the One Card Draw! This is the simplest and most common form of daily tarot readings. All you do is draw one card, and you’re finished! The card you draw will reflect an element of your the day you are about to experience. It could take form as a situation, feeling, or person. This reading is fast and simple; no spread positions to memorize or card combinations to interpret. The downside to this reading is that it can be a little low on details. You may not be able to make an accurate, specific prediction about your day based on just one card.

Daily TarotExample

Let’s say I draw the Five of Wands as my daily card. I would predict, based on this card, that I may be feeling competitive today, or I may actually be participating in some kind of competition. As a person, this card could represent someone I encounter who is very competitive or prone to argument.

Body, Mind, Spirit

Another popular daily reading method that uses 3 cards instead on one. The first card represents your body for the day, the second card, your day, and the third card, your spirit. This form of Daily Tarot reading will give you a lot of insight into how your day will affect you on multiple planes. The body card may cover physical feelings and general health. The mind will cover your mental state and thoughts for the day. The spirit will cover your inner desires and passions. This way, your really get a comprehensive look at how you will be affected by the day ahead. On the downside, you don’t get any information about other people or situations in your day. By using spread positions, you are, in a way, limiting the information you can get from your daily readings.


Let’s say I draw the Five of Pentacles, Queen of Swords, and The Star. The Five of Pentacles represents my Daily Tarotbody. I may be feeling down today, or maybe even feeling “under the weather”. I could be experiencing sickness. I may feel “left out in the cold” by others. The Queen of Swords represents my mind. Despite not feeling the best, my mind is quick, sharp, and ready for a challenge. This would be a good day to get some mentally stimulating work done! The Star represents my spirit. Today, my inner guide wants me to focus on setting new goals and ambitions for myself, even though I am feeling under the weather. I can use the mental energy of the Queen of Swords to help me do this.

The Cross

This is my personal method that I used as a beginner for my daily tarot readings and still use today. I was inspired by the method of reading used in the book “The Heart Of The Tarot” by Sandra Thompson. Thompson and her colleagues simplified the traditional 10 card Celtic Cross reading to just 2 cards, based on the small cross the first 2 cards in the reading form. The first card is called the “situation” and the second card, which is laid horizontally across the first, is called the “challenge”. The situation card describes a specific situation you will face during the day; the challenge card represents a challenge that is associated with the event. This spread gives you more detail than the one card spread, but is more action oriented than the Body, Mind, Spirit spread. This spread also helps you learn how to interpret Tarot Card Combinations.


Daily TarotThe cards I drew were the Eight of Pentacles (The Situation) and the Three of Cups (The Challenge). The focus of my day will revolve around getting some work done and focusing on learning new skills and improving old ones. The challenge for the day will be to stay on task and resist the urge to party or goof off. Today is a good day for homework, not for socializing.


1. This week, try each of the daily tarot reading methods out. Which one do you find works the best?

2. After finding a favorite reading, try keeping a Tarot Journal of all your daily tarot readings. Do you notice any patterns or themes that appear over multiple days?

3. Create your own method of daily tarot reading.

Post your answers, thoughts, and comments below!

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Tarot Card Combinations: Add Depth With The Minor Arcana

I see Tarot Card Combinations being talked about on a lot of Tarot Blogs nowadays. Most blogs will give you    some example combinations, and some good tips on how to interpret others. However, these blogs rarely give you advise or instructions on how to use Tarot Card Combinations in a practical, day-to-day way. In this post, I will be sharing my personal method of using tarot card combinations to add an extra layer of depth to your Tarot Readings.

The Two Arcana

Before jumping to the method, let’s review the basic concepts of the two arcana in the Tarot: Major and Minor.

Tarot Card CombinationsThe Major Arcana deals with universal archetypes and forces that are always present in out life. You could probably go through the entire Major Arcana and see how each card is operating in your life right now, albeit at different levels. If you are versed in Astrology, you can think of the Major Arcana as the planets in a Natal Chart. They are always there, in every chart, even through they may be operating at different levels of power.

Almost every Tarot resource you will find will tell you that Major Arcana cards are the most important in a Tarot Reading, which is true. However, most of the cards in the Major Arcana can be somewhat difficult to interpret in a meaningful way all on their own. For example: let’s say I draw the Magician for a client who just stopped in for a quick, general reading. Keywords that immediately pop into my head are “action, power, leadership”. I could tell my client that he needed to take action in his life. However, this piece of advice is a little vague. In what area of life should he take action and leadership in? This is where the Minor Arcana comes in.

The Minor Arcana is basically the opposite of the Major Arcana. The Minor Arcana deals with everyday situations and issues that we all face at some point in our life, but never at the same time. You could go through the minor arcana and pick out a few cards that represented situation in your life at the present time. You can think of the Minor Arcana as the houses in a Natal Chart. Each house represents a facet of life, but not every house is always active.

Tarot Card Combinations: The Method

Tarot Card CombinationsLet’s start again using the example I was using earlier. We know the Magician represents action, leadership, and power. Now let’s say I draw the Three of Pentacles, from the Minor Arcana. Keywords for this card include work life, teamwork, and group projects. Now, using a card from both Arcana, the meaning of the Magician has been clarified and developed. We now know my client should be taking leadership and power in his work life or a group project of some kind. See how the Minor Arcana brought the Major Arcana out of the clouds and made it specific and useful to the client? Let’s do another using the same Minor Tarot Card CombinationsArcana card, but a new Major Arcana card, The Devil. In this case, we can see again that the clients work life or group projects are the area of life to focus on, but the Devil tells us that the clients is in bondage to their work life or group projects. They are letting their lives be ruled by it and neglecting other important areas of their life. See how much clearer a message that is than just the keywords for the Devil, like bondage? By combining the wisdom of the Major and Minor Arcana using Tarot Card Combinations, the message the Tarot is giving you can become much clearer.


1. Go through the Major Arcana and think about how each card is active in your life at the moment.

2. Go through the Minor Arcana and pick 5 cards that describe current situations in your life right now.

3. Interpret the following card combinations for practice:

  • The Devil – Two of Cups
  • The Lovers – Eight of Wands
  • The Fool – Eight of Pentacles
  • The Chariot – Five of Wands
  • Death – Three of Swords

4. Lay out seven Major Arcana cards, one for each day of your next week. Look over them and interpet them, writing down your notes in a journal or computer document. Add one Minor Arcana card to each Major Arcana card. See how each card adds depth to your original observations. Observe how your next week plays out, and see if you can spot the combinations at work in your day-to-day life.

Post your answers in the comments below!

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Free Tarot Readings: Where & How To Get Them

Free Tarot Readings - Six of PentaclesNot everyone is willing or able to pay for a professional Tarot Reading. Many places around the web have sprung up that offer free tarot readings, but how can you know which ones are good, which ones aren’t so good, and which ones are just scams altogether? In this post, I will talk about some of my favorite places to find fast, free tarot readings.

Computerized Free Tarot Readings

The vast majority of “free tarot readings” websites out their today are actually just simplistic web software that allows you to input a question, then a get a randomized set of cards for an answer. The problem with these types of free tarot readings isn’t their accuracy, but instead their inability to adjust to the questions the seeker has. Most of these free tarot readings only present one set definition for each Tarot card, usually one based on traditional meanings that are very fatalistic. It is difficult for a client seeking real answers to translate these set meanings into useful information. On the upside, these services are almost always totally instant, and they can provide the budding Tarot student with experience reading real cards.

Some of my favorite websites offering computerized free tarot readings are:

Facade: One of the oldest and most well-known websites providing free tarot readings out there. Has a nice selection of decks and spreads to choose from, as well as a variety of other readings, including numerology, biorhythms, and I Ching.

Phuture.Me: Offers an even larger variety of spreads, and you get to pick your own cards instead of them being picked at random for you. Only the Rider deck is available to use. The spreads contain no interpretations, but you do have the option of paying a reader to interpret it for you. Also offers a variety of free Numerology tools.

Trusted Tarot: A relatively new website on the free tarot reading scene. Like Phuture.Me, you get to pick your own cards. However, the interpretations for the cards are provided by the website. Each card gets its own interpretation based on its location in the spread, making it very thorough, even for a free reading. Definitely one to watch.

Real People Tarot Readings

Yes, it’s true, people do offer free tarot readings online. Usually, they are people who need real-life experience reading Tarot, and are often willing to read  for anyone who requests a reading in exchange for constructive feedback. The upsides to this are obvious: You get a real person reading real cards, just for you. If something confuses you, or doesn’t make sense, you can always ask them a question after the conclusion of your reading. There are a few downsides, however. Most people who offer free tarot readings online get swamped with reading requests, and you can sometimes be kept waiting for your reading for up to a week. Another con to these types of readings is that most of the readers you speak with aren’t experienced, and may not know the Tarot well-enough to give constructive and productive advice to you based on your question. Finally, most free tarot readers will limit you to only one question, and only offer smaller spreads, usually not more than 3 cards. Despite all of this, I favor real readers over computer readers any day of the week. These are few of my favorite spots to get free tarot readings from real people:

Biddy Tarot’s Free Reader Page: One of many amazing features of Brigit’s awesome Tarot website. Request a reading with any of the readers on the page, in exchange for constructive feedback. Only a set number of readings can be requested per day, and individuals may only request one per month.

The Free Tarot Network: Hosted by the American Tarot Association. You can request a one card reading, once per month, that will be performed by a real person. You can also check out its sister site,  The Free Reading Network, where you can request a 3-card reading every 2 months.

Gemini Tarot: That’s right! You can get short, free tarot readings from yours truly! I periodically offer free tarot readings on my Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr pages. I usually only offer them on one network at a time, so connect to all of them to increase your chances of getting one!


1. Get a free reading from one of the computerized websites. Did it seem accurate? Was it understandable?

2. Find another website offering free tarot readings. Does it seem any better or worse than the ones listed above?

Post your answers, questions, or comments below!

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