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About Me

Professional, Affordable Tarot ReadingsMy name is Zachary, and I am a professional Tarot Reader. I am here to guide you through the challenges you face in life using the powerful oracle known as the Tarot. The Tarot doesn’t fix your problems; it gives you the information you need to fix your own problems. The Tarot doesn’t tell you what to do; it gives you guidance and new perspectives. The Tarot doesn’t bind you to a future; it shows you where things are heading, and how you can change them. By combining my knowledge, experience, and natural intuitive ability, I can help guide you through life’s toughest challenges.
I created Gemini Tarot to share my passion for Tarot with the world. What started out as a small blog posting occasional articles on the Tarot and how to use it has evolved into a full-time business for me. I offer a wide variety of E-Mail Tarot Readings through this website. I perform the reading by hand with a real deck of cards (no computer generated readings!), interpret it using my experience, intuition, and knowledge of the Tarot, and then send it along to my clients via e-mail. I also post blog articles packed with Tarot Tips and Tricks that I have picked from my own experience. In the near future, I will also be offering Astrology and Numerology readings here.


What Are My Tarot Readings Like?



My readings are always down-to-earth and realistic. You won't be finding any mumbo-jumbo about demons or devils in my readings!


My readings focus primarily on guidance; they are specially designed to guide you in the right direction and give you information about the past, present, and future.


I keep my readings at low prices so everyone can afford one, not just the well off.

What Do My Clients Say?

This reading was ridiculously accurate and helped to further reinforce a decision I was going to make. Etsy Customer
I was amazed at how much he was able to pull from not knowing me, I had doubted confidence concerning some personal issues pertaining to my social life but this was cleared up knowing that I am on the right track. Etsy Customer
Zac's reading was dead on and I look forward to another reading soon! Etsy Customer
My reading was right on and all my questions were answered without me even asking! He hit it right on! Etsy Customer
I love his selective, descriptive adjectives that pinpoints exactly what I've felt/experienced/thought. Compared to other readers - they were very vague - Zac's info is detailed - which actually grounds me now I have a better idea of what to watch out for - instead of an ambiguous fluffy "Think positive & go after your dream" kind of New Agey mumbo jumbo. Etsy Customer
He has given me a lot to think about and I truly appreciate the time and effort he put in to this reading. The details were plentiful and frankly not at all expected. I certainly got a lengthy but meaningful reading. His intuition is spot on and the clarity provided is exactly what I needed. Etsy Customer