New Year Tarot Reading

New Year Tarot Reading- Need insight for the New Year?

- Want a detailed forecast for the coming year?

- Want to start planning for your next year now?

This comprehensive New Year Tarot Reading is perfect for celebrating the winter holidays. Using 12 cards, we will get a glimpse into what the next year will bring you. Each month has it’s own card to give you the most complete look at what exactly will be going on during your next year. This spread can be customized to focus on any major concerns or questions you have for the next year; just let me know after you have purchased! This reading can also be ordered at any time of the year; I will personally alter it to best apply to the current time frame. You can also order more detailed versions of this reading, using 2 or 3 cards for each month of your next year. The more cards used, the more valuable details you get from the reading! This New Year Tarot Reading also makes a perfect gift for anyone seeking spiritual guidance about their next year.

Price: $13.20+